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Silver Pines Staffing
Support. Solutions. Structure. Staffing 

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Who Are We?

Silver Pines Staffing is a qualified and high efficiency team of care providers who assist communities that are in need of staffing support, facilitation of positive changes and cultivates cultural corrections. Our team varies from unlicensed caregivers, CNA's, LPN's On-Call Services, and Registered Nurse support. Our rigorously trained team of healthcare experts can resolve and assist any healthcare environment with positive demeanors, high level training abilities, interim assistance, shift coverage, and a "lead by example" mentality that ensures success and needed modifications. With compliance documentation, monthly continued education, strict training and expectations, background screening and state education, all you need is a brief orientation, onsite compliance documentation and they are ready to go to help your community. Our team, as a culture, believes in providing exceptional work and providing useful feedback to get your community back on track. Whether you are in need of staff for shift coverage, an RN to help with office work or eyes and ears to find ways to make your community better, Silver Pines Staffing will be there for you, through every season.  

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Healthcare Contracts

We offer a variety of options to help meet your communities individualized needs from per diem contracts to long-term assignments, you are sure to find a contract specially for your communities success. 

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Staffing Services

With our online scheduling systems, local resources and flexible scheduling, we are sure to provide high performing staff to satisfy your communities needs.

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Are you ready to Grow?

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If you are interested in growing your healthcare experience and want an opportunity to travel to various communities?  Silver Pines has assignments perfect for you! You'll gain high level training and continued education, plus traveling, plus meeting new people, all while doing what you love most! 

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"Covid has been a nightmare for most healthcare facilities, staffing issues were at an all-time high. Our company reached out to several staffing agencies and were unable to find one that had coverage for nights, holidays, and weekends. We then contacted Silver Pines, a newer staffing company to our area. Not only was I able to find coverage that wasn't strictly daytime hours for availability, we were also able to contract them to work at our facility until we could meet our hiring needs. As our new hires came in, the Silver Pines staff went above and beyond and helped us with our training. Implementing a standard of quality care, professionalism, ethics and fun. I would recommend this company to any healthcare facility that needs temporary staffing. Silver Pines Staffing will be our first and only choice for our future staffing needs.

-Executive Director from a contracted facility

Comforting Hands

"My favorite aspects about working for SPS is how caring and kind hearted my bosses are. They go as far as checking in on you and seeing how you are doing frequently. I love how professional we are and how our expectations are held higher as it makes me feel more needed. I love how rewarding it is and how good it makes me feel to care for others. There isn't one thing I dislike about Silver Pines Staffing!

— Carrley, CNA 

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