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About Us

Our Mission:


to provide relief for buildings in need of staffing coverage with dynamic care providers who provide quality care to the facilities residents and set a positive example 

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From humble beginnings, we started Silver Pines Staffing with the goal of supporting and filling staffing needs of communities that need it. Our team was designed by people who ran and worked for Assisted Living companies that always were short staffed. In Healthcare this is often the case. Instead of using unreliable staffing agencies to help alleviate staff burnout, leadership would step in and business operations would get behind. We don't want that reality for any other community, so we started Silver Pines to be there for you so your community can be successful. Silver Pines is local, reliable and accessible to whatever needs you may have. Healthcare is everchanging, Silver Pines is there for you through it all! Whether you have a last minute call in, an RN on vacation or a weekend full of open doubles, we can assist you towards optimal solutions because we have been there and know what it takes to to be better.

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Sectors of Silver Pines






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Nursing Home
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Examination in the Patient Room
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The fundamentals of quality care never change from person to person or building to building. We provide the highest quality care for each resident in all facilities and always treat each resident as our own family member.

We always remember,

“we never know what someone is going through.” When we encounter anyone, we aim to make their day better by showing them compassion and grace.

When providing the highest quality of care, we always remember to be efficient in our actions. We maximize our time in each facility and our time with each resident. 

The Golden Rules are the center of our companies' values. We must show everyone we come across kindness. Our goal is to leave every person we interact with feeling better then before we came in contact with them.

We enter and act in each building we service with the best intentions. Our intentions are to spread positivity through positive example, and resist negativity in all circumstances remembering our focus is on quality patient care. 

August Team Meeting!

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